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85 percent of who you are – your intellect, your personality, your social skills – is developed by age 5. Let’s invest where it makes the most difference.

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PEMDAS Preschool - Quality in Reno

Quality preschools help children find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.

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Ms. Becky understands preschool

“I am in Preschool. I am not built to sit still, keep my hands to myself, take turns, be patient, stand in line, or keep quiet all of the time.

Let me play. I am learning.”

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Predict, Explore, Make, Discover, Accomplish, Succeed

It is the mission of PEMDAS Preschool to provide quality preschool education to the children of Washoe county. As our name says, we are here to allow a safe space to predict, explore, move, discover, accomplish, and succeed. We believe in a child-centered and play-base curriculum that allows for flexibility to  accommodate all children through their own learning process. We provide a positive and supportive learning environment for children to feel confident and challenge themselves while keeping activities engaging and developmentally appropriate in order to create passionate life-long learners.

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Why should you choose PEMDAS as your Reno preschool?

Ms. Becky provides Individual Attention

PEMDAS is small by design. With extremely small ratios, your child will not be lost in a sea of kids, but will get plenty of individual time with a teacher to maximize development.

Ms. Becky has Experience

Ms. Becky has over 8 years of experience and a degree in Early Childhood Development. This is a career she chose and absolutely loves. That passion will show as your child grows with us!

Ms. Becky has Happy Parents

Over the past 8 years, Ms. Becky has received rave reviews. Dozens of parents cannot be more pleased with how their children developed under Ms. Becky’s guidance!

Read what some parents have to say about Ms. Becky

A sample of testimonials for 

Shauna T. Testimonial Photo
Shauna T.

Ms. Becky was one of the best teachers my child has ever head. She works with the students strengths in a way that gives them the greatest opportunity to succeed.  She teaches with play, music, art, and encourages the kids to be creative. She made my daughter WANT to learn her letters, numbers and reading.

Claudia L. Testimonial Photo
Claudia L.

Ms. Becky provided a warm, safe and welcoming environment. She has a natural talent in teaching preschool age children and know how to communicate well to them. She has a bubbly, colorful and outgoing personality, which I believe plays an important role in teaching young kids. She did a lot of arts and crafts, taught alphabets, counting, imaginary play and daily reading. My children were well-prepared to be in kindergarten after being in her class. 

Nevaeh testimonial from mother

Miss Becky,

We want to thank you for being such a kind and caring teacher to Nevaeh. You have made school a positive experience for her. She looks forward to going to school every day. More than once each day she begins a sentence with “Miss Becky says…..”.


(Nevaeh’s mom)

Handwritten Card to Ms Becky

Dear Miss Becky,

Thank you so much for making Logan’s first year of school so special. We wil remember you always as the teacher who showed Logan to love school. You are an amazing teacher and woman, and will always be in our heart.

With extreme gratitude,

Steven, Erin & Logan

Handwritten Card
Jackie and Julia


There really are no words. What an amazing two years it has been. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for our family. I simply cannot imagine life without you!!!

Good luck on your future endeavors.

We love you so much! 

The M [family]

(Frank,Jodi, Jacquelyn & Julia)

PS Julia picked out your gift

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